Wound Care

At the Villages Rehab & Nursing Center, we offer a wound care program that focuses on providing quality care for complex or difficult-to-heal wounds. Our certified wound care clinicians are thoroughly trained and provide effective treatment.

The Villages has a dedicated wound care physician that rounds as often as necessary to meet your needs and develop your treatment plan. Many people suffer from hard-to-heal or complex wounds which can result from surgery, circulation disorders or diabetic ulcers. Often, someone with a chronic illnesses or disability that keeps them confined may also experience wounds caused by pressure on a specific part of the body.

We recognize that some situations have complicating factors, so we take the time to learn about these factors and discuss them with you and your family. We manage your condition and support the healing process.

Our Wound Care Management offers:

High-quality care. Our nurses identify the best type of treatment for each type of wound that will promote wound healing and prevent complications.
We work towards easing your recovery and improving your quality of life.

  • Treatment of draining wounds
  • Treatment of acute (short-term) wound
  • Treatment of chronic (long-term) wound

Wound Management Education is a:

treatment plan that includes the cause of the wound, nutrition, environment and specific care protocol.