Dining & Activities

dining roomDining:

We provide the ease of restaurant dining with the comforts of eating at home.

At the Villages Rehab & Nursing Center, the kitchens in each of our 4 neighborhoods are equipped to prepare regular meals as well as meals for special requests.  We learn your food preferences and provide you with a range of choices at every meal.

Delightful aromas greet you as you come into the neighborhood. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Villages are served “restaurant-style” in our cozy and intimate dining rooms.  Hot meals are cooked and served within a few feet of your bedroom door.

Something to please everyone

buffetOrders are taken prior to each meal and include the selections for the day, as well as popular options that are always available. There are always choices available to please every palate. This includes heart healthy selections, low carb and low sugar options.

Open dining hours provide lots of opportunity for you to eat on YOUR schedule. Snacks are always available at our juice and snack bar and food is always a few short feet away.
Those who need special assistance with eating will have an aide sitting with them at the table to provide as much help as needed; the aide’s assistance often includes retraining a person to eat independently again.

      • If circumstances require, meals may be served to a resident in his or her room.
      • All meals are offered in the pleasant atmosphere of our dining room.
      • A Registered Dietitian plans the meals.diningserv
      • Three appetizing, nutritious meals are served daily.
      • Snacks are included daily.
      • Therapeutic Diets are customized for those with special dietary needs.
      • Selective menus keep the meals from becoming boring.



We believe that socializing and having fun are good for your health!

activityThe Activities Programs at the Villages Rehab & Nursing Center are designed to enhance the social and personal lives of residents while also contributing to the healing and strengthening process of each individual.  Many games and creative activities are not just fun, they are also good mental and physical exercise. Our residents’ interests are a priority and they are encouraged to participate in our daily programs.

Among some of the activities, you will find:

          • Special programs often often sponsored by the various clubs from the Villages
          • Trips to area restaurants and shopping
          • Entertainment
          • Happy Hour every Friday at 2:30pm. All are invited!
          • Weekly ice cream socials every Tuesday at 2:00pm. All are invited!
          • Birthday parties celebrated on your special day and individualized to suit you
          • Beer and pizza nights
          • Game nights
          • Mah Jongg
          • Poker and Bridge tournaments
          • Pets welcome to visit!